Top Altcoins of 2021: Zil

We took a look at top ecosystems, teams, technology, and staking to find the best altcoins of 2021.

Our pick for #2 is a ‘Hidden Gem’, as most of the attention this year has turned to Ethereum Altcoins, Polkadot Network, and Binance Smart Chain..   

However, this pick should not be ignored, as it already has a scalable technology, using sharding to run transactions up to 250x faster than Ethereum, has a rapidly building economy, as some great community benefits, as ZIL has handsomely rewarded its community with things like GZIL, and ZWAP.

Zilliqa has many projects and many rewards coming out this year, which will pay everyone well. the price of zil in 2021 can go up to $3.

What Makes Zilliqa so Rewarding?
- Staking Gzil -

In late 2020, ZIL put out a big update,  moving off Ethereum blockchain, to their own faster and cheaper blockchain.  This update came with a free migration, and some insane benefits:  

Not only did they implement burning the tokens, Zilliqa had created a way to stake their new ZIL coin, and airdrop their new governance token all at once.  They offered the community one of the best staking rewards in blockchain.

Their offer?:

For every 1000 ZIL you stake, you will be matched with 1 GZIL (starting price of 1 GZIL = 1000 ZIL).

Back in October, the price of GZIL was equal to 1000 ZIL, which has now doubled to over 2000 ZIL, giving stakers 3x their rewards!  Staking rewards x3 refers to ZIL, plus the bonus GZIL, which has gone up double in price.   1000 ZIL + 1 GZIL, which now equals (1000 ZIL + (1000 ZIL + 1000 ZIL)).

For a more in-depth look at ZIL Staking, check out this article from

- Another Airdrop? -

If ZILs 3x Staking Rewards aren’t enough, check out what their new DEX, has to offer: 

Zilswap comes with Uniswap-like qualities, looks like a Uniswap clone, but is fully on the Zilliqa blockchain. boasts all new coins from the ZIL blockchain, as well as liquidity provider rewards, and a new high yield staking pool.  

Recently, Zilswap rewarded its early users by giving out another Airdrop on the ZIL blockchain,  ZWAP.  

You received ZWAP for providing liquidity before January 18, 2021.  You can earn ZWAP for the next couple months, and it is well worth your time!  I was airdropped 13.5, which is now worth over $9,000.

For a great in-depth article on how to earn Zilswaps new coin ZWAP, read this Switcheo article.

What Sets a new Altcoin Apart from the Rest?
- Growing Ecosystem -

A growing ecosystem on a blockchain is a positive sign to investors, as it demonstrates the publics confidence in the project itself, showing a willingness to invest their own projects and businesses on that particular blockchain.

We researched many projects, and ZIL was right on top of the list, among legendary Altcoins like Polkadot, and Binance Smart Chains BNB.. It seems like the rewards are paying off, and ZIL grows bigger every week.  

Here is a look at some of the projects on Zilliqa Blockchain. 

Zilliqa shows plenty of projects that it has in its economy, ZIL is going to be one of the top coins of 2021 - and the price of zil in 2021 could go up to $3 or higher.

ZIL has shown strength and adaptability over the years, to remain relevant in a sea of options, and has outperformed expectations.  The Zilliqa blockchain started off with quite a few powerful concepts, including zillacracy, ZilPay Wallet, Moonlet, GZIL which acted as a governance token, RedChillies – a powerful online web games and hosting platform for betting, and many more.   

Since then, they have built out over 50 Applications, which all contribute to the growing transactions, size and technology of the blockchain itself.  Bolt – which is a multi-platform media ecosystem, features its own channels to connect with other users.  

Mintable is featured in Project Zilliqa also, as NFTs are a big part of ZIL.  ZIL came out with the domains .ZIL a couple years ago, as a human readable name to use instead of a very long complex cryptocurrency address.  You can learn how to buy .ZIL domains by reading our article, How to buy Unstoppable Domains.

This is just a tiny droplet into what Zilliqa Blockchain offers, the rest is an ocean.



Why is Technology so Important?

When we look at technology, we are really just looking at the survivability of a blockchain.  When we gain insight into actual use cases, we can answer the questions:

What problems does this project solve, if any?

How valuable is the solution or proposal to the community, and how big of an impact will this project or proposal have on current technology and society?

How likely is it that this project will get enough support to reach the top 5?

How Does ZIL Solve the Speed Issue?
- Sharding -


ZIL solves scalability!

ZIL set out from the start, to build a Scalable technology.  Unlike most other projects, ZIL demonstrated its commitment to building a secured, scalable platform for developers and enterprises. Others spent time on marketing, falling flat on content.

ZIL employs a unique version of sharding which allows the blockchain to scale in a linearly. This ensures that the Zilliqa platform can scale to meet the needs of a growing ecosystem of miners and applications. 

ZIL solves speed!

Zilliqa breaks the network of blockchain nodes into separates sub-groups that are called shards. For each of these shards broken into small groups, ZIL processes and stretches to a consensus on a subgroup of transactions.

By breaking down the blockchain into multiple little pieces, ZIL processes them much faster in smaller transactions, taking advantage of speed of smaller sizes. 

We tested out ZILs Network

Testing ZIL out with staking on Zillacracy using ZilPay, we were immediately impressed.  The transactions were very quick. 

There were moments of large lag in the beginning, when Zillacracy hit 1 Billion ZIL staked, but those smoothed themselves out.   Overall, we were very impressed!  

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