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Top Altcoins of 2021: Kusama

Polkadot's Most Important Coin: Kusama 'Best Altcoins in 2021'.

Kusama is a very unique project.

Kusama is THE FIRST to solve ‘how will a new network perform with real world traffic?  How can projects be more prepared for going live?’.  

Fundamentally sound, Kusama trends in one of the most popular networks, and its fate:  a top 10.

Theres no place like the Kusama Parachains, Dorothys red shoes click together

When looking at projects to invest in, we are looking for chances to create the best probability of profit.   

One of our top criteria for fundamentals is the best companies in the top-performing sectors, basically hype.

Kusama, one of the best altcoins of 2021, is in a very popular ecosystem, with polkadot network. But it wasnt until Kusama showed there was a need for it, that it became so big. Now Kusama is the destination, and we will see its price rise tremendously.

Social Theory
- Hype -

Kusama, labeled the “Crazy Cousin” of Polkadot, is another product of Gavin Wood.  From there, it created its own need, and is now a top project on the hottest Network (Polkadot Network).  Kusama earned its top spot, because it is very important to Polkadot itself.

The community tests new features that come to Polkadot through the Kusama network, and they immediately adopted Kusama.  In fact, you will often hear Kusama in tandem with Polkadot, many people use them synonymously. 

So not only does Kusama have a great community that stands behind it, Kusama also benefits from being in one of the TOP ecosystems in cryptocurrency (Polkadot Network).  Due to how big the need for this type of project is, Kusama also has the best fundamentals. 

Polkadots ecosystem boasts a rapidly expanding interest, as large numbers of new projects have signed up to take part in the new blockchain. Top alt coin of 2021.

Creating its own Need
- Fundamentals -

Acting as a type of Sandbox, it is branded as a “canary network” for the Polkadot Blockchain, meaning that it provides early code release that is unaudited and available before it is launched on Polkadot.  This is able to be tested and hashed out, before it ever goes live on the Polkadot Network.  This helps get rid of bugs, back doors, security loopholes, etc.

Kusama also solves the unique problem of ‘projects not knowing how their Network will perform when they go live’.  This is a huge issue, and can cause weeks of delay. We see this on Ethereum today. If a project just jumps to a new network blindly, it could cause immense downtime, which would cause irreparable harm to the project itself.  So as an investor we can see how obvious the use cases for Kusama are.

Acting as a type of Sandbox, it is branded as a “canary network” for the Polkadot blockchain, meaning that it provides early code release that is unaudited and available before it is launched on Polkadot.


- Right Place, Right Time -

The upcoming Parachain Lease Offering (PLO) creates a very bullish opportunity for those projects involved.  The way that Polkadot Network operates, is that it requires projects to first spend time on Kusama, before applying for a parachain auction with Polkadot. 

Because Kusama is explicitly mentioned in the process of onboarding to Polkadot, Kusama has already become famous.  So Kusama has the benefit of running its own Parachain Auctions.  We will see most projects with their Kusama counterpart:  Acala will have a sister network called Karura, Plasm will have Shiden, etc.

So this massive benefit of being at the right place at the right time, is further exponentiated as we are also in the midst of an Altcoin Bullish Cycle.  This is the year after the Bitcoin Halving, where Bitcoin inevitably reaches the moon, and Altcoins follow quickly after.

Basically, this is the perfect storm for Kusama.

Kusama is our top Altcoin of 2021, in the number 4 spot. It is the most important coin in polkadot network, and has great fundamentals.

Why you are not too late to buy Kusama
- Parachain Auctions -

Social Theory is undervalued when it comes to making profit in Cryptocurrency.  We define Social Theory as “How does everyone feel about this project”  Everyone being the community, people on Reddit, Twitter, etc. 

Basically, we try to get a sense of how they feel about it as an investment, and then as well what do they think about the product itself.  This insight gives us an advantage when looking for the right project.  

We chose Kusama based largely on Social Theory, but when we combined this with Fundamentals, it became an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Kusama has hype.  Kusama has terrific fundamentals, and many projects may end up modeling themselves after it.  And Kusama is in the right place, at the right time. In fact, Kusama IS The Destination for the Parachain Auctions, so to speak.  

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