Top Altcoins of 2021 – Edgeware

We took a look at top ecosystems, teams, technology, and staking to find the best altcoins of 2021.

Our first article, Top 5 Altcoins of 2021 – the #1 Spot (Polkadot), focused on the Polkadot Coin, (DOT).  At the time of this writing, the price is now $17.51, after gaining roughly 500% ($3.61 original price) after we published it.

We had underestimated the hype of Polkadot!   But we will use that hype, to find the best choice for our number two spot, of the 5 best Altcoins of 2021.

Top Altcoins to buy in 2021, read about our number two pick - Edgeware

Our 2nd Altcoin out of the top 5 Altcoins in 2021 also comes from the Polkadot Network.

Edgeware (EDG) is our 2nd pick, and the one we are most excited about!  

As it is only 1 month old, Edgeware was too risky for our number 1 choice, yet we remain optimistic:  

Higher risk means higher reward, and at around $0.01 just a cent, it has a lot of room to grow!

Edgeware is THE self-improving smart contract token for the Polkadot Network.   What does this mean in English?  

Edgeware is one of the few self-improving (think in terms of efficiency and prioritization on output) tokens.  Edgeware will be used as the Smart contract token in the Polkadot Network, meaning it will function as a pivotal role in allowing other blockchains to access the Polkadot Networks Defi products.   

This includes, but is not limited to Coinbase – when they launch their array of DEFI products in the near future.

Edgeware has been in the works for a long time, and has some ultra-talented team members!  One of which includes the CEO of, where you will find a very transparent forum of live-updates and ideas.


What Makes Edgeware Special?
- Smart Contract Token of the Polkadot Network -

As we touched on, Edgeware is the Smart Contract Token of the Polkadot Network.

Edgeware is to Polkadot, what Ethereum is to Crypto – meaning:

Edgeware will help the Polkadot Network accomplish similar traits that Ethereum has taken on.  Ethereum is the top Smart contract token of cryptocurrency right now, it is the most used one.

This is why all Decentralized Finance applications are written on top of Ethereum.

However, we have seen a major shift last year, as 2020 brought better products: like Savings Vaults, Staking Services, Insurance, and Uncollateralized Loans, all being created on more scalable (cheaper) and easier to use blockchains.

Polkadot Network is what we considered to be the most scalable in 2021, as it’s the first blockchain to use multiple relay chains, each interacting with another.   Edgeware is the Polkadot Networks Ethereum, allowing the outside world to connect to its Smart Contracts to take advantage of its DEFI products.

Having knowledge of this ahead of time, and also knowing that Coinbase is set to release their own Decentralized Finance collection, including a DEFI portal to the Polkadot Network, we thought it would be smart to invest in Edgeware.

Edgeware is the smart contract coin for the entire Polkadot Network, setting a pivotal role in the decentralized finance sector.

  • Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code.
  • Nick Szabo, an American computer scientist who invented a virtual currency called "Bit Gold" in 1998, defined smart contracts as computerized transaction protocols that execute terms of a contract.
  • Smart contracts render transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible.

                                                                    -Key Elements of Smart Contracts

More Than a Smart Contract
- Edgeware as a Governance Token -

We looked at over 2000 projects, personally invested in and tested out over 150 projects, and came to the conclusion that Edgeware was the best fit for the 2nd position in the top 5 Altcoins of 2021.

Ethereum Developer and Founder of Commonwealth Labs, Drew Stone, created Edgeware with a certain type of transparency that many DAO type governances hope one day to achieve.  This allowed us to have a much more transparent look at the project, and all that was going on inside it.


Once Edgeware was on our radar, we started reading over the updates listed in the forums.  We quickly realized this was much more than a smart contract token.

This was a smart contract token combined with an exciting, future-thinking, experimental governance token, acting as an incubator for other projects that did not want to go through the entire coin listing process, and self-evolving Nominator / Validator staking mechanism, in which rewards were more equalized throughout the chain.

The team at Edgeware holds even the network to higher standards.  As you can see in this Discussion about Governance, the team was eager to change the Polkadot Network for the better, and make the voting process more user friendly.  They point out problems, address them with proposals, and this is a catalyst to becoming a self-improving blockchain.  

There's Still More to it
- Edgeware as an Incubator -

The self-improving blockchain is not only impressive, it is very future thinking, and progressive.  The Team at Edgeware states their intention for designing the token like this.

"Rather than attempting to coordinate a single community, Edgeware’s evolving organisational structure is designed to devolve power to small groups who become masters of their own destiny, whilst still accountable to their peers.

Whether you are looking to develop an idea, a team looking to launch a project or an established community looking to add rocket fuel to your dreams, Edgeware is a place you can call home."

                                                                    -Key Elements of Smart Contracts

- Edgeware has an EVM -

As of April 2021, Edgeware has successfully gone through the Tokyo Upgrade, which made the bridge to Ethereum operational. The EVM can bring in a lot of liquidity to Edgeware, and this is just the beginning.

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