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How to Stake SAND on Matic

Sandbox (SAND) is a hugely successful Virtual Real Estate (NFT) based gaming platform that has taken the interest of huge investors like PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Square Enix, and more. 

If you are looking for information on how to stake SAND, look no farther:

This article will teach you how to stake SAND on the Matic Network.  Staking is already possible on Ethereums Network.  However, claiming your staking rewards (Sand tokens) can cost over $100 per transaction!  Due to the high gas fees, SAND has recently made it possible to stake using Matic, meaning you can save $100 per transaction!  Matic has gas fees of just a couple cents per transaction.

How Do I Stake SAND on Matic?

The process of staking SAND on Matic is easy. 

I will cover these 4 simple steps:

  1. Send your SAND tokens over to Matic (bridging SAND to Matic from Ethereum).
  2. Deposit your Matic SAND (mSAND) to be staked.

How to Stake SAND: Step 1

The first step to stake your SAND tokens on Matics Network, is to send your SAND tokens over to Matic from Ethereum.  This is called ‘bridging’ your SAND tokens.  

To do this, visit and connect your Meta Mask wallet to Matic.  

To stake SAND on Matic, connect your Meta Mask wallet to Matic Network

Once your Meta Mask wallet is set to Matic Network, refresh the page  You will need to have a little Matic in your wallet.  I have a little less than 2 Matic, and that is more than enough.  

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will notice a blue button that reads: “Bridge SAND”. 

Click this button.

Once you click this button, a popup window will appear, asking you how much SAND you would like to bridge over.  This is the amount of SAND in your Meta Mask wallet on the Ethereum Network.  Click ‘Max’, then press ‘Deposit to Polygon’, which highlights after you enter an amount or press ‘Max’.

Sign the transaction in your wallet. 

At this point, you are done with step 1!  Just wait for the transaction to complete, and move on to step 2.

How to Stake SAND: Step 2

The hard part is over, this 2nd part is very simple.  Back on the page, scroll back up to the top. 

You will see a blue ‘Deposit’ button in the staking section.  Click this button, enter the amount of SAND you will stake, and click Deposit one more time at the bottom.  Sign your transaction to begin staking SAND on Matic.   

learn how to stake SAND on Matic and save $100 on gas fees!

That’s it!  You learned how to stake SAND on Matic, and are now making a reward.  You can claim your SAND staking rewards weekly, with little to no gas fees!

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