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SpaceX Linked to Altcoins Rho & Beta


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Point Blank LLC tweets "location, location, location: RHO BETA"

A link has been discovered between SpaceX and 2 new Cryptocurrencies; RHO and BETA. 

SpaceX and Pointblank seem to be on the same path, as links were discovered connecting both Pointblank LLC and SpaceX.  Recently the twitter user  @Howtobuildaspaceship has sent out tweets tagging Elon Musk, SpaceX, and Pointblank, to which both SpaceX and Elon Musk have replied to.  

Digging into Point Blank LLC, we found a news article mentioning ‘Geometric Energy Corporation’, who is assisting SpaceX on their mission to send Doge to the moon, has partnered up with Point Blank LLC.  Find the rest of the Weekly Altcoin News.

So how does this tie SpaceX or Elon Musk to Cryptocurrency?

The twitter user @pointblank_llc tweet; 'location, location, location RHO BETA

Point Blank LLC is the Link to Cryptocurrency

Recently, Point Blank LLC created some excitement with this cryptic tweet:  

"        location, location, location                  

These Altcoins; RHO, GAMMA, BETA, and KAPPA all have links to the SpaceX launch to the moon.

SpaceX is finally linked to a cryptocurrency

In the article; “SpaceX to launch Doge-1 to the moon“, we find Point Blank LLC was involved in the SpaceX launch to the moon, but did not know they represented a potential link to Crypto..  They tweeted the symbols of what appears to be 2 different crypto coins, which are $RHO and $BETA.   

The websites for RHO and BETA lead to a hint at a location, in the meaning of the coins.  Read the full paragraph on, or

RHO represents a Y-axis, and Beta represents an X-axis, together making a set of coordinates.

Rho and beta are hinting at a coordinate on their website, with rho being the y-axis, and beta being the x-axis

Altcoins NFY, RHO, & BETA Linked to SpaceX

What this means, we cannot say for sure.   We found it entertaining, and jumped on the bandwagon.  A project that we HAVE heard of before – NFY – may also be part of this.  They were mentioned in the same article above, with Mimir Solutions, who appears in a couple Memes together.

A Starwars Meme shows a droid showdown with Luke Skywalker, comparing Shitcoins with Mirim Protocol.

Point Blank LLC also tweeted this mysterious website yesterday,, stating “We will let the world see”.  Going to that site, it links directly to, which lists the upcoming Launch Dates for the SpaceX program.  

The Hints are starting to roll out!

point blank can now be tied directly to spacex with this website,, which they tweeted about on June 10.

The big question now is:

What does RHO and BETA have to do with a location, and what is this signifying?

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