Blockchain Domains – How can I purchase .crypto & .zil domains?

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Purchasing .crypto & .zil domains can seem pretty difficult, so we wrote this step by step article with pictures:  ‘How to buy .crypto & .zil domains’.


[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text wrap_with_class=”no”]What is .Crypto?  .Crypto is a decentralized domain registry built by the company UnstoppableDomains, and was built to give freedom back to users.  Websites using .crypto cannot be taken down by government authorities or traditional domain providers (any .com can and will be taken down if rules are broken).  

This not only represents a way of making cryptocurrency wallets easy to use, but also acts as a censorship-resistant freedom that the internet desperately needs at this moment.  But even if you don’t intend to create a website anytime soon, you’ll likely want to purchase a .crypto name to hold for safekeeping.  

This is because the .crypto name not only provides a decentralized website, but it also has the power to simplify payments with cryptocurrency, meaning more adoption of Bitcoin and other digital assets.

[/vc_column_text][rs_blockquote cite=”Tim Draper”]To send cryptocurrency, all you need to know is the recipient’s blockchain domain.  Send bitcoin, ethereum, and any other cryptocurrency with just one domain.  No more worrying about sending to the wrong address![/rs_blockquote][vc_column_text wrap_with_class=”no”]Visit  

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Best place to stay: Novarico was the magplus that we all wanted to read in the Sixties because every issue brought something new brought something.

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Why you should secure a .crypto name

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text wrap_with_class=”no”]One of the biggest barriers with cryptocurrency adoption is the complexity of sending and receiving payment via cryptographic public addresses. 


A common Bitcoin address like above is not easy to remember, and is intimidating to use for new cryptocurrency adopters.  

Not to mention that one small mistake can cause your crypto payments to be lost forever due to the case-sensitive nature of cryptocurrency addresses.  

The .crypto name is changing that as UnstoppableDomains aims to replace complex cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable names ending in .crypto or .zil.

Now, instead of using a complex Bitcoin address, you can link your .crypto name to your crypto wallet and have people send  payments to “Yourname.crypto”.

Meaning that I can now tell my friends and customers to send Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other types of crypto payments to easyblockchainwallets.crypto.

Just like the .com bubble, .crypto domains will become a limited real estate asset, you will have wanted to have acted while you could still buy a 3-4 letter .crypto address. 

For instance, I bought deep6.crypto, deepsix.crypto – these are both names of Major AI firms in the country.  I intend to sell the domain to that company if they want it, or if anyone else wants it.  So purchase your own domains quickly, while you still can!

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How to purchase a .crypto domain?

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text wrap_with_class=”no”]So, knowing that this is an incredible opportunity to get in before it goes mainstream, how do you buy a .crypto exactly?  

1.  Visit  This is your starting point.  Once on unstoppable domains, start searching for your domains. is where you can buy a .crypto address and allow people to send cryptocurrency to an easy to remember address, instead of a randomized 40 character wallet.

2.  Type in the name of your domain you are searching for.  Taken means someone already owns it, so keep searching.  Protected means that the domain is being reserved for a company or something, and all you can do is add it to your premium domain watchlist.  Meaning you will get an email when it becomes available.  

Look for the domains that have prices to the right, and ‘Add to cart’ buttons.  This means you can purchase the domains.  

unstoppable domains allows you to purchase new domains very easily

3.  Click Add to cart, for the domain you want to purchase.  You should be able to choose from .Crypto and .Zil.  Purchase both if possible, or whatever you can afford.  These will become a limited asset one day, potentially.  Imagine if you owned ‘” last year, and they offered you a couple Million dollars! sold for 30 Million dollars, even better!

unstoppable domains allows you to buy .crypto domains, a new address for crypto wallets 

 4.  Click on ‘Checkout’ and enter your payment information.  Once paid, you will not be done, this is not like a regular domain registrar.  You will still need to claim your domains, in order to list, sell, add addresses to them, etc.  We will show you how to do those.

How to Claim your Domains

  1.  First, click on the menu on the top left, the 3 horizontal bars.  Find where it says “My Domains” and click on it.

click on my domains to view and claim your domains from unstoppable domains

2.  When viewing My Domains, find the domain you just purchased, and make sure there is a checkbox to the left of it, and it is selected.

unstoppable domains allows you to claim your domains

3.  Once selected, on the top of the page, click on “Claim All .Crypto”

claim all .crypto

4.  Clicking on Claim all .Crypto will take you to another page, that needs your code.  Send the code, and paste it into this area.

enter code to advance

5.  After you enter the code, you will have a choice to claim your domain with either:  Web3 wallet, Walletconnect, or MEWconnect.  We will use Web3 wallet.

unstoppable domains web3 wallet

6.  For this to be successful, you MUST have already created a Meta Mask wallet – more information can be found here.  You must have already signed into your meta mask wallet.  You can create a new one with the extension, and use that to claim the domain.  

how to add wallets to

7.  Once you have created a Meta Mask Wallet, you must go to “Account Settings”, and add your wallets to your account.  Once your wallet is added, it will be recognized when you try to claim it.  Simply Claim All Crypto domains under my domains, and then click “I understand”.  

claim domain with meta mask wallet

8.  After you select “I understand” and claim domain, you will get a message that “Claim Process is Started”.  This will take a little bit of time, and after it is finished, you will have the option to “Manage” each domain.

claimed domains

You have just successfully claimed your .Crypto domains!  

How to claim .Zil domains

1.  Now, let’s see how to claim our .Zil domains.  Go back to My Domains again, this time select .Zil instead of .crypto on the top left.  Find your unclaimed domain, and click the checkbox again next to it, go back up to the top, and select “Claim all .ZIL domains”.

claim all .zil domains unstoppable domains

2.  Again, send the code to your email, so you can follow through to the next screen.  You now have the option to “Create Wallet”, or “Import Wallet”.  

To claim .zil domains, please create a new .zil wallet

3.  If you have not done so already, Create a .Zil Wallet.  This is simple.  Click Create Wallet.  Now create a passphrase (store this passphrase in a safe place).  Your passphrase can be in any phrase you choose with a minimum of 8 characters (13 recommended).  

4.  Download your “Keystore” file.  Store your keystore file in a safe place!  If you lose it, you will lose access to your domains!

claim .zil domains

5.  Now that you have created your self-custody wallet, you can select “Import wallet”.  

save keystore file zil domains

6.  Upload your kestore file (the file you downloaded in step 5) and enter your passphrase.

7.  Select “I understand” and “Confirm”.  This action is irreversible means your one time claim for the .zil domain to the ZIL wallet address will be recorded on Ziliqa forever (blockchain immutability), it does not mean you can’t move the domain ot another wallet. 

8.  Congratulations!  You have now taken full custody of your .zil domain and you own it for life!

Want to use a wallet you have already set up?  Check out this article, how to use a Coinbase wallet.

If you enjoyed the article, please feel free to use my affiliate Link to purchase any domains!  I will get a small credit supplying the link

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