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How to Send Matic to Polygon (with Matic Bridge)

Are you planning on staking any coins that recently were sent to the Matic (Polygon) blockchain?

I’m going to show you how to send Matic to Polygon, and any other Ethereum based tokens on ERC20 blockchain over to Matics blockchain with a few simple steps.  

Recently, I staked my Tidal Finance tokens (TIDAL) to gain over 30% in staking rewards.  To do this, I had to send my TIDAL over to Matic Blockchain, as well as a couple Matic for the fees.  

This can get confusing, as different terms are thrown around, like sending Matic to Polygon – aren’t they the same token?  

Yes.  I use the term Matic to describe the tokens that are still on Ethereums blockchain (these are ERC-20 tokens, and you got them on uniswap or something similar), and Polygon to refer to the Matic that has already been sent over to the Polygon Blockchain.  

It is simple to swap between both Eth and Poly blockchains, and I will show you how.  The process is smooth, if you follow these exact steps:

Send Matic to Polygon by using the Polygon Bridge (Matic Bridge)

Follow These Steps to Send Matic to Polygon

  • To send Matic to Polygon, visit the Matic Bridge, found at  This process can take 7-8 minutes, sometimes longer.  If you are sending Polygon back to ETH, expect a delay of up to 1 week.
  • Once on the Matic Bridge, connect your Metamask Wallet (or other web wallet).

Send Matic to Polygon by using the Polygon Bridge (Matic Bridge)

  • Click ‘Polygon Bridge’

select Polygon Bridge to go to the Matic Bridge

  • Next, click the Ethereum Dropdown menu, and choose the Token you would like to send to Polygon. In our case, we will choose Matic.

Choose Matic from Ethereum Dropdown to send Matic to Polygon

  • Now select the amount you want to send, click Max to send the entire amount.  I always suggest to first, send a small test amount.  After entering the quantity, click ‘Transfer’.
  • Click ‘Continue’ when the warning pops up, this states you can send to Polygon network, you cannot use this to send to Delegators accounts.  
send funds only to polygon, not to any delegators, click continue
  • After clicking confirm, a new popup will show you the scary amount of Gas Fees that this transaction can cost.  Remember, this will only show the Max amount that you might spend, the number actually spent will be smaller than this.   
max amount of gas fees transferring from ETH to Polygon
  • Click ‘Continue’ to transfer funds and accept the gas fee.  You will also be asked to confirm in your Metamask wallet.
  • After clicking confirm, the process can take some time.  You will be asked again to confirm once again in Metamask, once Matic has made it over to the Matic blockchain.  This will take another several minutes.
switch to polygon network
  • If you need to switch to Polygon Network (Matics network), click the button labeled ‘Switch to Polygon Network’. 
  • Once complete, you may now spend your Matic on Polygon Network.  

And that’s all there is to it!  Thank you for visiting, I hope you found this Guide to Send Matic to Polygon helpful!  

Two afterthoughts:

You MUST have Matic on Polygon Network to use any service, staking, etc. 

The fees are much smaller on Matic, expect to only spend .004 Matic each transaction! 


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