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How to get Lotto Airdrop

For all you DEFI (Decentralized Finance) users out there, we just went ahead and claimed ours, so now we will answer the question,  ‘How to Claim Lotto Airdrop’?

As of Feb 3, 2021 – you are eligible to claim up to 400 Lotto tokens, just for using Defi in the past!

What is lotto?   Here is the Coingecko page on

If you own or have owned any of the 50 DEFI tokens listed below, that means you are eligible to claim your 400 Lotto tokens!

How to get Lotto Airdrop - make sure you qualify and claim your tokens today! Free cryptocurrency.

Step 1:  Make sure you have Meta Mask downloaded and set up.

Step 2:  Visit the lotto airdrop claim page, at

Step 3:  Connect your wallet, 

Step 4:  Click “Claim Tokens”, and will scan your wallet, and tell you if you are eligible to claim the 400 tokens!

Having owned any of the tokens on the right, means you are eligible to participate!

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Wondering how to claim lotto airdrop? Look no further! If you have used any of the 50 Defi tokens listed, you will be eligible to claim up to 400 Lotto tokens, from the lotto airdrop.

In the case of a hard fork in cryptocurrency, when the community didn't agree with the direction of the project, airdrops were used to deliver tokens to the supporters of the new 'fork'. More recently, when a project is new, doing some marketing, etc - the term 'Airdrop' will refer to the act of the project owners giving a certain number of tokens out to the community for free.


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