How to Claim Spark Airdrop (Uphold users)

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Flare Network will be Air Dropping its new token ‘Spark’ to all Ripple (XRP) users on December 12, 2020.  

Simply owning XRP does not automatically qualify you to collect the tokens:

We explore how to claim Spark tokens with Uphold wallet, which we deemed the best method for U.S. Customers / Beginners.

Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index

Ripple recently soaring 140% in response to the news of the Spark Airdrop, as people get ready to claim Spark from Flare Network.  Google Trends shows the term Spark Airdrop and Flare Airdrop as one of the most popular searched terms in November.   With so much interest, we decided to try our luck with it, and collect our own Spark rewards.  So we too started searching ‘Spark Airdrop’.

Google Trends shows that XRP Airdrop, and Flair Airdrop, and Spark Airdop all have a huge increase in search trends within the last 2 months.

After some research, there was still confusion as to exactly “how” we would be earning the Spark tokens.  Flare Network states only specific Exchanges and Wallets will be part of the actual Airdrop.  That means that all 46 Billion coins will be split up among just the participants.

UPDATE - 12/6/2020

Coinbase, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, announced they were not participating, which means there may be a huge opportunity to earn more Spark than the 1:1 ratio previously announced.   Coinbase has just announced their participation in the Spark Token Airdrop, on December 5.  Read Coinbases blog for more information about how you can participate in Sparks Airdrop on Coinbase.  UPDATED – 12/6/2020.

What exchanges can be used to claim the Spark token?  Luckily, Flare Network published the list of exchanges participating in the Spark Airdrop to their website, making it much easier to choose the right exchange.

As you can see from the list, some major exchanges are participating., Bitfinex, Bittrex,, e-Torro, Gatehub, Kukoin, Poloniex, Uphold etc. are a among a few popular choices.  Not many of them are U.S. friendly, as just made clear in an email to U.S. users.

If you do not already have a account, you will not be able to open one as a US Investor.  They sent out an email article, which was recently published in a blog article stating they will be removing US customers in the near future.  Read Binance’s email here.Read

Three ways to earn Spark

Currently there are 3 ways to ensure you receive the rewards in the Spark Airdrop.  

1) Send your XRP tokens to an exchange that is participating in the Air Drop.  This is the easiest way, as that is pretty much the only step you need to do, when choosing this option.  

2)  Send your XRP tokens to one of the wallets participating in the Air Drop. has created and updated a list for everyone to check out.  DO NOT SEND YOUR XRP TOKENS TO ANY WALLET NOT ON THIS LIST!  We found blogs from multiple wallets, including Atomic Wallet, giving instructions on how to claim XRP Tokens.  This may be misleading, as they are not part of the Air-Drop.  

3) Move your XRP to self-custody, at which point you may claim Spark by adding a message key, representing a Flare address, to your XRP Ledger account.  We will not be covering this method, but you can read about the process of claiming Spark tokens in a self-custody wallet in which you have the keys.

Uphold may be the easiest option for U.S. customers

We chose option #1, and decided that Uphold was our best option, as we already had a wallet opened. You should have a wallet with already, if you have been using Brave browser – which rewards users with BAT tokens. The step by step guide on this one, is simply to send your XRP tokens to your Uphold account.  Since there is only 1 step, we will break it down for you from opening a new account, to sending the XRP, and what exactly to put into the fields.
  1. Open an Uphold Account – If you do not already have an account, visit the site, and click Sign Up.  This should bring you to the Register page.  Fill out the details, and click Next, and then Sign up now.
Uphold wallet will take part in the Spark Airdrop on December 12

Choose whether you are an individual or a business, enter your email address, password, and country you live in.  Remember, that passwords should be very strong, as cryptocurrency is a large target of hackers, and will increasingly be at risk.  Make sure you read over their Terms and Services, and then check the box ‘I agree,’ and click ‘next’.

Strong Password Generator is a smart way to generate strong passwords without sharing them on the internet.  Visit and set my passwords to at least 16 characters.  This will not get sent over the internet, and is the safest way to create a password.  For most exchanges, do yourself a favor, and store your password in a document, encrypted – and on a piece of paper somewhere safe.  

XRP holders should send their ripple to Uphold wallet, which will participate in the Spark Airdrop.

You should now be able to enter in your full legal name, phone number and date of birth.  Keep in mind, you will be required to provide documentation according to the U.S. “Know your Customer” guidelines.  This means you will have to add your photo ID next, and a picture of yourself.  You can do this easily with the link they send you.  

When your account is fully verified, it is time to fund your account.  

Sending XRP to Uphold

Sending Ripple to another wallet can be stressful, especially if you have held your coins on Coinbase, or another exchange for a long time.  We wanted to share with you how easy it is, and what we felt was important to focus on.  

First, in your Uphold account, make sure you are on the dashboard.  If you are on the old view, it should look like the picture below.  

Uphold has cards to send your XRP to, as long as you list the XRP in your card wallet, you will be able to claim the Spark Token

When you find your XRP card, click on the card itself to get to the actual wallet.  When first setting up an account, there will be no actual way to send your Ripple to the wallet.  You must first create an address.  

Luckily, that will be the only text on the page.  Click the link Create an Address.  This brings up a box that has 2 important items.  The XRP address to send to, and the Destination TAG.  When sending Ripple, it is very important to also use a destination tag.  If you do not have both, do NOT send funds to Uphold.  

If your Ripple Address and Destination Tag did not pop up yet, that is okay.  Go ahead and click ‘Add Funds’ on the top right.   Choose the option for ‘Fund with Cryptocurrency or Utility Token’.

FLR coin, or Spark, will have an airdrop to XRP on Dec. 12. It is important to prepare and Uphold wallet will help you do that.

On the next page, you should have a bunch of different methods of funding your XRP wallet.  Scroll down a little to see the list of Cryptocurrencies, and select XRP.  

to add xrp to your wallet, click add funds, then click fund with cryptocurrency or utility token, to get ready for the spark airdrop
Now click XRP which will open up a new window, showing your XRP wallet address, and Destination tag. Use both to send Ripple to be part of the Spark Airdrop.

This will open a new page that will show your XRP wallet address, and your Destination Tag.  Again, it is very important that you copy and paste both correctly in the fields you are sending from, otherwise you risk the loss of not receiving your XRP, and even the potential of permanent loss.  

To claim the Spark Airdrop, you must have your XRP in one of the exchanges that is participating with Flare Network. To send your XRP tere, make sure you use a Destination tag.

Now head over to the exchange or wallet that you are holding your XRP on currently.  Click withdraw, select XRP and make sure you copy over both the Ripple Address, and the Destination tag!   Once you click send, that’s it!  You are done.  Wait for the network confirmations to come through (you can check this on your sending exchange/wallet, and you should also be able to see this on Uphold. 

As long as you have the XRP Address and Destination tag, you should rest easy that your transaction will come through.  I always recommending sending a test amount first, of just a few hundred, to make sure the transaction goes smoothly.  Be sure to send your XRP over to your wallet to claim the Spark Airdrop by December 10!  It could get stuck for a couple days, and you don’t want to be unprepared if the worst case scenario does happen.

Enjoy your free tokens guys!

Sending your XRP from Coinbase Pro, make sure you include destination tag. You will not want to lose your XRP right before the Spark Airdrop.

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