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FTM hits a new high of $3, this trader called it


FANTOM HITS $3 Records a New Record High

If you were following this trader, you’d be up over 100% in Fantom, in just 2 weeks!

Fantom, or FTM, has reached the target price I set for it, of $3, and currently sits just under.   If you haven’t been following this project, it has gained over 2000% since July, 2021 alone.  

Famtom is a new-ish DAG based Smart Contract platform that intends to solve the scalability issues of existing projects.  Ethereum Fees, anyone?

Where Fantom tries to separate themselves, is by using this new form of a Dag system, that would allow them to drop costs to users down to near zero.  Although this has already been done, and there are several examples, FTM is a strong example of a scalable solution, with a market cap at #29 at the time of this article.  

The FANTOM platform adopts a new protocol known as the “Lachesis Protocol” to maintain consensus. This will use the Fantom OPERA Chain (nobody is surprised there. 

In case you are wondering, you can view the Fantom website here – The mission of FANTOM is to provide compatibility between all transaction bodies around the world, and create an ecosystem which allows real-time transactions and data sharing with low cost.

FTM crypto project gains hundeds of percent over the last couple months.

Fantom is on a roll lately!   It has come up from just 0.15 cents 3 months ago, in July 2021.  

It’s most recent gain has brought it up to $3.00, a gain of over 2000%!  This is one of many Altcoins that have been crushing it since the summer time.   With Bitcoin rising up to an All time high, many thought it would stunt the Altcoins growth, and that Bitcoin Dominance would rise to its previous levels..   This has not happened… yet.

Well, we have an interesting theory in here.   

Altcoins are killing it! But what about Bitcoin?

Previously posted by myself on Tradingview, I suggest that we are in a Fractal from 2013, which means repeating the same pattern on a much larger scale.  

This means we have a possibility of another 2 peak cycle ahead of us, an extended 2 peak bullish rally!

In a Tradingview post named ‘BTC Extended Timeframes coming into effect‘, I measured distances to the past and saw some interesting correlations in distance between peaks in 2013, and 2019-2021.   

Having measured 3 random spots, I came up with increases of 1.6x-1.66x in gain of time until next peak, accounted for each halving.  So it seems the peaks are spreading out by 1.6x every 4 years, when BTC Halves. 

This is the equation to the price of Bitcoin, mapped out since 2010 - the peaks are caught perfectly by this equation. Will its success continue?

Further confirming this evidence, I recently stumbled upon a math equation, detailing the price of Bitcoin going forward.  I will share this equation in a later post, but the point is – I charted it using Python, and found it agreed with my original theory.   

This peak we are currently in, is set to peak in January 2024 – according to this equation.  This also fits the model of increases by 1.6x each halving.   Crazy!

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