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Bitcoin Monthly News – October, 2021

Bitcoin updates and news October 2021

Hello everybody!   Guess what??  It’s almost Bitcoin Season!!  Happy Fall.  

I try my best to help everyone get a sense of what is happening with Bitcoin, and crypto in general lately.  So when people started asking me if I thought we would crash, go down for years, or just what would happen, I wrote up a quick chart.  

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Bitcoins shows some impressive growth, but did correct. I was able to call the correction ahead of time

About a month ago, I shared a chart update pinpointing the end (hopefully) of our bearish trend, and the beginning of a consolidation pattern.  I believe I pointed to August 20, for the highest point – and said by Late September – Early October, we would have hit the lowest point and start going back up. 

This is a little early for me, and it seems sudden, I expected another hump to go above our last high, and dipping to 40-50k until November – THIS is when I expect Bitcoin to take off, but, I am okay with it being early.

What I had discovered, is a potential fractal, a repeating pattern from 2013 – the year where we had 2 Bullish Peaks.  I noticed that the timeframe between peaks has grown, I measured it with very limited data – and got between 1.6x – 1.66x longer for each halving (every 4 years).  

This is important to know, as lengthening time between peaks, means after this next one – it could be a full 8-10 years until the next.  I mapped this out to peak around Jan-March 2023, with a smaller peak prior.  This is not 100% of course. 

I have been working on a couple data models, given some better fit equations.  This one in particular shows lengthening peaks, it is correct for DEC 2013, DEC 2017, etc.  The next peak according to this model is: January, 2024.   

Either way, I suspect we have some time to kill before we arrive at the top..  


Yeah, there’s a plan.  

I started gaining popularity on Tradingview after pointing out the 25x gains of Bitcoin in what I call “The Altcoin Season” – which I named this chat after, and own   I spent months studying charts and patterns and one in particular stuck out to me.  

When Bitcoin Peaked in December of 2017, the charts of Altcoins/BTC hit their lowest.  As Bitcoin crashed on December 18, The Alts were already moving up.  Most didn’t actually reach a top, until May, of 2018 – 6 months AFTER Bitcoin crashed by 80%! 

Altcoin Season got its name from the 2500% gain of Altcoins over bitcoin, allowing people to multiply their BTC by 25x!

I told everyone in chat the plan, and I even circled when I thought Alts, and EOS above, would bottom out again.  In November – December, 2021.  

Knowing this, we can enact the plan.   The plan is to be accumulating Bitcoin, which is about to fly off the handle.  Then, in a gamble to create more Bitcoin (a huge success in terms of USD), we would sell Bitcoin, INTO the Altcoins of our choice – preferably at their lowest point on a Altcoin/Bitcoin Chart like above.  

If we time this right, we can see gains of 5x more BTC (turning 0.25 BTC into 1.25 BTC), 10x (0.25 becomes 2.5 BTC), or even 20-25x!  (0.25 BTC becomes 5 – 7.5 BTC!).  

Some of us tried this earlier in the year, and had we known that the Altcoin cycle ended early, we coulda made off with an easy 6x BTC.  So jump on tradingview, open up a free account and start looking for some winners.  

In 2018, Tron won by a landslide, increasing by 75x on  Bitcoin! 


As you may be aware of, Gev and I have recently teamed up and created a couple indicators (Indications that Bitcoin will do something), that have given us a huge advantage over all other years.  In 2017, I don’t think I met 1 person, who was able to sell before the crash.  But we have a GREAT chance to this year.

The Altcoin Season uses this indicator to help know when to buy and sell Bitcoin

This is a chart of a Bitcoin Dataset, which includes On-Chain Data, that is used to determine when exactly are the best times to buy or sell Bitcoin.    I built in Python, it is still in a draft phase.   But if you need, just ask and I will print out todays version.  This is from 10/6/21.  

In the future, this will come with an Alert system, or text notifications.  This is LITERALLY the perfect tool to minimize your risk on Bitcoin, and  maximize your profit.   

This indicator tells you if the top hit already for Bitcoin, it has not yet as of October 2021

The 2nd tool we have now that we didn’t back then, is another indicator I built with Python, that accurately identifies a top or Bitcoin Peak within a couple days max.  This does NOT falsely identify 2013 first false peak, and may be one of the most accurate indicators because of that.

With the additions of these tools, we hope to make it super easy for anyone wanting to learn to trade Bitcoin, while hopefully improving success rate.   

Imagine if you got notified of the crash in 2017, and didn’t have to find out the next day!  

Anyways, that wraps it up for this month.  Enjoy October everyone, Bitcoin should have a good season coming up.  Don’t be surprised at how big some of the gains can be, it will make you sell too early.   Instead, use our indicators for that!

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