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Altcoin Season: April

It's April 2021, and everyone has the same question:
Has Altcoin Season Started Yet?

Thank you for joining us, welcome to our April Newsletter of the Altcoin Season.  

I know many of you are wondering:

, ‘When does Altcoin Season begin?’.

 and I have heard some of you ask:

 ‘What is Altcoin Season?’.  

So let’s dive in:

We will take a look at what defines Altcoin Season, answer the questions – is Altcoin Season over?  Or has it even gotten started yet?  

Finally, we will share our our list ‘best Altcoins to hold in April’ with you.  Enjoy!

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What is Altcoin Season?

"The goal of Altcoin Season is that it allows us to multiply the amount of Bitcoin we have."


You have heard the term ‘Altcoin Season’ being thrown around. 

Everyone seems excited about it, some even bragging about it.

This leaves you still wondering:

What exactly IS Altcoin Season?  

The term ‘Altcoin Season’ refers to the time period where the ‘Altcoins’ (any coin that is NOT Bitcoin) outpace the price gains of Bitcoin, by 1000% – 3000%, even up to 10,000%.  Although it is not the gains themselves that define Altcoin Season.    

It is defined by the time period itself, when Altcoins outperform Bitcoin. Some use a stricter definition, they classify Altcoin Season as the time period when Altcoins gain 1000% or more.  

However, the entire purpose of Altcoin Season is gains.

The Goal of Altcoin Season
- Multiplying Bitcoin -

While it is simply amazing to watch all the Altcoins Moon at once, it is not the mission.

The single MOST important goal of Altcoin Season is one that most people seem to get wrong.

While Altcoin Season may allow us to make some serious Dollars, selling Altcoins into USD is a trap.  It is the least efficient way of making a profit.  

In fact, Altcoins are not even the most important part of Altcoin Season, Bitcoin is!  

"Bitcoin is the destination, the goal being to multiply the amount of Bitcoin we have, and Altcoins are the mechanism used to do this."

                                                                                    - The Altcoin Season

By following this simple suggestion, you can end up increasing your profit by another 1000%, turning your 10x gain this year into a 100x gain.  

During Altcoin Season, the intent is to multiply Bitcoin.  We can simplify it by asking ourselves one question:

Will Bitcoin be worth more or less in 5-6 months?  

This should be obvious, and if it isn’t – look at some of the historical charts of Bitcoin the year after its halving; 2013, 2017, 2021, etc.  It will be worth more.  Much, much more.

In every case, Bitcoin increased by 1000% – 2000% by December!  That is incredible, as well as obvious that Bitcoin will now be our destination for Altcoin Season.  

So, how do we increase our Bitcoin?

The History of Altcoin Season
- Maximizing Gains -

Altcoin Season is shown here with the pair EOS/BTC, as EOS gains over 2500% in a short amount of time. The gain is purely in Bitcoin, and not USD, making this one of the biggest profits in all of trading.

If we look at the chart above, we see the price of EOS, the Altcoin, performing against BTC over time.  

This coin gained 2,500% in a 2 month period at the end of the year!  Which ends up being a 25x gain of your Bitcoin, if you invested into this, in October 2017.   That is 2,500% MORE BITCOIN!  Not just more USD.  

So, if we can gain 1000% – 2500% (10x – 25x) more Bitcoin in a single year, and Bitcoin gains 1000% – 2000% (10x – 20x) more US Dollars – then we have the potential to earn 10,000% – 50,000% (100x – 500x) more US Dollars!  This is just based on this chart above, in the year 2017-2018.  

This means technically speaking, someone could invest $1000 at the beginning of the year, and if they did everything correctly, end up with $500,000 at the end of the year.  

If we chose to just sell the Altcoins into Dollars, we would end up with just the 1000% gain, or $10,000.

"If someone invested $1000 at the beginning of the year, they could end up with $500,000 assuming they invested everything correctly".

                                                                                    - GAINS
when does altcoin season start

When Does Altcoin Season Begin?
- Define YOUR Answer -

The more we find out about Altcoin Season, the more it seems people squabble over when it begins, when it ends.  

There is no clear definition of Altcoin Season. 

You must come up with your own definition, considering your most important goals.  

Many people define Altcoin Season as the specific time where Altcoins gain 1000% – 2000% compared to Bitcoin, but will that work for you?  Will that allow you to make the most profit?  

We at decided to define the beginning of Altcoin Season to line up with the lowest price of Altcoins, compared to Bitcoin.  This strategy allows us to maximize our gains, and gives us more overall exposure to growth.

If we were to look at the chart above, EOS seems to bottom out in December 2020.  We were alerted to this, because the previous low from October 2017 intersected with this price, creating a double bottom.  

As we tested this with other coins, we noticed the trend rang true across all Altcoins.  The second we saw a pivot, and the market going bullish – that was the beginning of Altcoin Season for us. 

What are the Best Altcoins for April 2021?
- Our Picks -

We have many projects that we have examined, and it is very hard to pinpoint which ones to invest in.  Sometimes it may feel as if you want to invest in all of them.  

Don’t.  This is not Pokemon Go, and you do not need to collect them all.  

We decided to publish the list of coins we have been gathering, and plan to continue gathering in the month of April.  

This should not be construed as financial advice, as we are not Financial Advisors.  Please use your own judgement before investing into anything, and above all else, make sure you do your own research!  

stock market price display abstract

In no particular order, here is what we feel are the top Altcoins in April 2021.  

First, let’s go over the Polkadot Network and its Parachains:

Polkadot & Kusama.  Due to the fact that the Parachain Auctions are approaching any day now, we have been collecting as much Polkadot and Kusama as we could get our hands on.  We collected these early, but still have been adding to our collection recently.  We plan on participating in the Parachain Auctions, and are especially excited about Acala and Karura.

Acala & Karura.  As mentioned above, Acala (Parachain Auction on Polkadot), and Karura (Parachain Auction on Kusama) will only be available to purchase if you are invested in the Parachain Auctions themselves.  These two represent the powerful DeFi centers that Polkadot and Kusama plan on building around their networks.  We believe these will be some of the biggest and most hyped projects to come out on the Polkadot Network in 2021.  

PolkaFoundry.  PolkaFoundry just came out about a week ago, late March.  It was a very strong IDO at Polkastarter, and seems to be a promising project.  They are bringing Mantra Dao over to Polkadot Network, instead of ETH, where they are at right now.  The project skyrocketed to over $2 after it was announced that they won the Parachain Auction.  Expect them to be officially part of the Polkadot Network.

Darwinia (RING).  We have another winner of a Parachain Slot, the RING token of Darwinia is valued at .20 cents lately.  Darwinia has a lot going for it, they won an award from Polkadot Network after demonstrating their bridge technology.  The Bridge from Polkadot, to ETH, TRON, and a couple other blockchains is now live. 

Darwinia also has the Virtual Environment ‘Evolutionland.  This is an NFT heavy game, which is now associated with DeFi, thanks to GameFI Foundry – who added drilling and mining to the Virtual World.  

Kylin (KYL).  Kylin was one of the most anticipated Polkadot Projects of the year, and is highly touted for its Data Analytics, and Data Oracle Services that it brings to Polkadot Network.  Not only will it be providing complex analytics to 3rd party apps, but will feature a data-rich marketplace for data exchange and pricing.  

At the time of this article, Kylin has retraced down to $1.06 and is determined a buy from here to 0.88 cents.  

Tidal Finance (TIDAL).  Tidal Finance (TIDAL) has been making waves with its new partnership with Chain Guardians.  The token is very new, priced at 2.8 cents, and is worth building up.  We believe that there have been certain key partnerships brought forward, that would signal Tidal Finance acting as a major player in Defi Interoperability.  

Alchemy Pay (ACH).  ACH is a low cost, low market cap, payment network.  From a team originally experienced in centralized finance, they ventured into Blockchain to solve inefficiencies of the  traditional payment ecosystem.

The team from Alchemy pay also bring over their partnerships from centralized finance, with access to over 2 Million Merchants.  This is a high risk, high reward play.

Verasity (VRA).  Verasity is an interesting project that seems like it is destined for success.  The team is from an array of Fortune 500 tech companies, and they have a disruptive technology, as well as a video streaming service that looks to shake things up.  

With a market cap of 17 Million, and a cost of 4 cents per coin, this one has plenty of room to grow.

Atari (ATRI).  Atari has been a very fast mover lately, as we started investing when it was .26 cents.  This was 1 week ago, and the project is already over .40 cents today.  Atari has some NFTs as well as its own Metaverse, and a Casino in Decentraland that allows real people to get real jobs at it.  Give Atari a look, while NFTs are popular.

ChainX (PCX).  Finally, ChainX is one of the better performing projects on the Polkadot Network.  We really like this project, especially since the Coin is going to go through its first halving cycle in May – similar to Bitcoin.  Expect this to increase prices over the next year.

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